Technology, Intellectual Property, Telecommunications & Media Law

Technologies are advancing rapidly and usually faster than law.

New Technologies/ IP -Law or Advanced Technology Law includes different subjects that tend to get closer with the digital convergence in particuler between the “container” and the content and format.

Our expertise has been acquired in advising leading (French, European and international) companies working in the field of telecommunications and new technologies, the Internet and Intellectual Property.

WOLFRAM can thus intervene on the following fields:

- Telecommunications law

- Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property

- Trademark Law

- Internet law

- Media Law

- e-commerce law

WOLFRAM Fim is able to support more specific questions of contract law related to these aspects:

- drafting and negotiating IT contracts:

- licensing of software

- development contracts

- contracts of sale of software,

- maintenance contracts for hardware and software

- contracts for the construction of websites and hosting

- drafting of terms and conditions / terms of use of websites / Imprint

- contracts on transfer of rights (copyright, right of image)

- confidentiality agreements

Unfair competition

We also have experience in the litigation of unfair competition or not it is associated with a dispute over an intellectual property right.

WOLFRAM can represent you before the courts in cases involving issues of:

-commercial piracy

- imitation of products

- damage to the trade name or the companies’ name

- denigration

We also give advice to our clients in order to prevent unfair or abusive competition.